LTD Polimers


Recycling of waste

Our company is ready to provide you the following services for the processing of secondary waste;
   Fragmentation of hard plastic (drawer runner, various articles) (PP, PE, Polystyrene).

   Agglomeration of PP, LDPE, HDPE, stretch - films with and without sorting.
   Washing of PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE.
   Pelleting PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS.

It is possible to consider options for delivery of the finished pellets.
We accept for processing any complexity, various plastics waste by crushing, washing, drying and granulation.
We will be glad to cooperate with enterprises looking for ways to waste polymers, as well as with companies that use recycled granuly.

Disposal of waste packaging

Our company produces and offers services for the collection, sorting, transporting, processing and recycling of packaging (packing), the company actually used for packaging and transport of manufactured and imported products to them (the license of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine).
Execution of works on recycling occurs in ways that ensure the safety of life, human health and the environment.
We guarantee:
• provide all necessary documents confirming the fact of disposal;
• contract and removal of material in the shortest period of time;
From the customer's needs:
• over the phone to give more precise information on the types, quantities of waste to be disposed;
• take the form of application.
The final cost of the order is determined by the specialist department of the company materially to the waste and its quantity.
We work for those companies that are thinking about the ecology of the environment and waste disposal, and this:
• Disposal of industrial waste;
• recycling of secondary raw materials;
• Recycling plastic bottles;
• Recycling of plastic waste
• Recycling of polymers;
• Recycling of plastic.

Service - Ecologist at the enterprise

The market of ecological design, we first propose a new form of cooperation - "Ecologist in the enterprise."
This service involves a full or partial transfer of administrative functions of natural resources company LTD Polimers (Submit all forms of reporting, calculation and delivery of environmental charges, carrying out instrumental monitoring, the development of recommendations for the optimization of land use).
Signing the contract for the implementation of services, "ecologist at the enterprise", you get a full-fledged professional ecologist, significantly reducing their costs and administrative and human resources.
Service "at the plant ecologist," focuses on a number of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as major administrative and commercial centers, restaurants, cafes and a network of small businesses (service stations, gas stations, etc.) with the number of branches to 20, with the number of manufacturing plants plants not more than 5, etc.
In accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation of an enterprise in terms of environmental protection should be reflected in the documentation of various kinds - the state statistical reports, journals, and analytical monitoring of purification equipment, as well as regulations, orders, approved action plans, etc.
In the absence of environmental services in the enterprise (environmentalist), documentation of environmental issues in the various services that does not allow for a permanent production monitoring compliance with environmental laws and to conduct systematic work environment. To ensure the effectiveness of environmental management at the enterprise and to avoid penalties by regulatory authorities is advisable to establish environmental service company (or an introduction to the staffing of positions ecologist) who will arrange and store documents on environmental protection

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